Sabtu, 08 Maret 2014

Xbox Live Gold Code Generator

Own a Xbox-360 or Xbox one? Need games? We have made a solution in a way you can get free Xbox games any time you want to. We the Generator Coders have developed the Ultimate Xbox Live Code Generator for released it to the masses! You can generate unlimited Gold Live Codes for One Month, Two And even for Twelve Months. free Download. It has taken just under a year to create this software. We have cracked the code to bring the Ultimate XBOX Live Code Generator to you for FREE!
xbox live gold generator

Xbox is one of the most popular gaming devices with excellent graphical performance and game titles. The addiction to Xbox games is not new infact the multiplayer gaming era was started by Microsoft. Since the evolution Xbox has seen numerous changes all came to better the gaming experience of the gamers. However some premium content is locked by Microsoft to earn huge profits. Xbox live gold codes and points are the only way to get that rich gaming experience.
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Microsoft is making huge profits by selling Xbox live gold codes and points. But at some places to interest more people and to keep the older one engaged Microsoft sometimes allow free gold codes and points. These free points and codes are for promotional purposes only and are given to very few people all around the world. If you want free Xbox live codes you are at right place. has its unique algorithm and scripts which harvest for gold codes all over the internet with a powerful server. Our algorithm keep generating and collecting new and working codes for Xbox live so that people can get them for free.
xbox live gold generator

You really can claim endless free Xbox gold codes at any time you desire with the Live Xbox Code Generator. This Generator is continually updated to make sure that it can filter Microsoft security. If you have a PlayStation console get our PSN Code Generator. The Generator is compatible with Windows and Mac.

There are 3 places from where we gets working points:
  1. Harvesting the web: We manually spotted few places where most of the Microsoft giveaways are released for public. Our Algorithm keeps on harvesting these places for the new codes and as soon as we get them we add them to our database.
  2. Generating New Codes: Our Algorithm and servers are powerful enough to generate the working codes using the hash tables.
  3. Manual Giveaways: Our team manually collects the give away from the contact us page of as well as from various other forums where Xbox codes are kept as giveaways.
xbox live gold generator
We collect them and add to our database. After collecting all this points we keep them safe in our database and provide them to users. As soon as a code is used it’s deleted from the database and is not issued to any other person. This keeps the database of Xbox live gold codes updated and fresh so that the visitors of our site can get working codes for free and feed the thirst of extreme gaming from Microsoft. Though no system is 100% sound proof and to keep them away from spammers we also take some measures to protect the codes and only the right person will get them. If you are asked for some action to perform don’t hesitate as its to prevent the working codes to be depleted by bots or spammers.
xbox live gold generator